1994 - present

In 1999 Captain James Jack retired, handing the reins to his son James Jack (Jnr). The Company continues today, in a time where numbers are dropping within youth organizations as well as the Church. This has not stopped the Company from enjoying success in gymnastics, cross country running, swimming, football, drill, Christian education and many other activities. The Band started this period taking part in National Band Contests under the guidance of William Ross, but sadly numbers have depleted the band and although it still practices every week it has not performed for several years. Due to the changing times and a society in which annual foreign holidays are the norm, the last camp was in 2002 at Scarborough. As aim of the annual camp was to provide boys with a annual holiday, the decision was taken to stop camp as many boys were exploring foreign shores at the same time camp would have taken place.
In 2007 the Company started an Anchor Boy Section for the first time to allow boys to join The Boys' Brigade from a younger age.

The Junior Section

The 8th Paisley Boys' Brigade Company was the first Company in Paisley and District Battalion to have a Junior Section (then called the Boys' Reserves and later the Life Boys). Formed in 1919 under the leadership of Mr. Andrew Hosie, the Junior Section continues today to be a source of strength to the Company promoting many boys to the Company Section each year. This source of strength is down to hardworking and long serving leaders Mrs. Neil and her husband who served the Company many years. Mrs. Neil continues to be the Officer-in-Charge of the Junior Section today and continues to pass boys onto the Company Section due to her annual recruiting campaign. The Junior Section is where many boys begin their association with the 8th Paisley and many of their memories include sportagamas, football and the annual trip to Girvin, which boys still look forward to today!

Source : 1893 - 1993, published as part of the 8th Paisley Boys' Brigade Company's Centenary Celebrations.

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