1893 - 1918

Sir William Alexander Smith

Ten years after The Boys' Brigade was founded by William Alexander Smith in 1883, the 8th Paisley Boys' Brigade Company came into existence. William Shaw was the third Captain of the Company and the most notable. He led the Company through the early years having one of the highest numbers the Company has ever achieved and organizing the first camps to Kildonan on Arran.
Twenty one years into existence war with Germany was looming. Officers and Staff Sergeants were called up to fight for their country. World War One claimed the lives of twelve members, their names can be seen in the vestibule of Martyrs' Church. Despite the war, the Company continued under the guidance of NCO's. One of these NCO's, Henry Niven later became Captain.

1919 - 1943

After the war years, the Company re-established itself again. The Company enjoyed success in many activities, winning the Battalion Football Cup. However, the greatest success was the Gymnastics team's visit to the Albert Hall in 1925. On their return the Gymnastics team was in demand, showing off their skills in many engagements including the 1938 Empire Exhibition at Bellahouston Park, Glasgow. During this period a bugle band was established with two boys, the Thomson brothers writing "The Craigelea" a tune that still remains in the band today. By now the venue of the annual camp had changed with Aberdour near Gullane being the destination.
The Company was again affected by war. The Second World War resulted in Officers being enlisted while Staff Sergeants and NCO's were left to continue the work of the Company. Lives were also claimed in this war, the casualty list can be seen in the vestibule of the Church.

1944 - 1993

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