1944 - 1968

After a second period of war, the Company enjoyed a period of great success. The enthusiasm of the then Captain, Alex Foulds meant the Company went from strength to strength winning numerous band contests and football trophies. The band, under the guidance of James Jack success continued with the Bugle Band Shield finding its way to Martyrs' more often than not. Numbers rose from the high twenties to about sixty, with eighth per cent of boys attending the annual camps. Once again the venue had changed with Anstruther, Leven, Abroath and Friockheim being the destination on several occasions.

1969 - 1993

The Company began this period at it's strongest. Success continued, with the band, football and gymnastics teams winning while successes also came in basketball, cross country running, swimming and drill.
In 1982 Captain Alex Foulds retired, passing on the reins to James Jack who maintained the success enjoyed by the Company under Alex Foulds. Mr Jack joined the Company in 1954 and much of the success in the Band and Football team had been down to his coaching, although his most notable achievement was possibly leading the Company to the Battalion Championship in 1984 and 1985 and again in 1998 and 1999.
Camps by this time had changed in character. Muddy fields had been replaced by Church Halls with destinations now holiday towns such as Portrush, Aberdeen, Morecambe, Southport and Isle of Man.

1993 - present

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